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While it is still February outside, I am starting to think about spring cleaning (it is never too early!) With less money in my pocket due to the economy, I have started to look for recipes to make homemade cleaning products. Many sites boost that you have all the cleaning items already in your kitchen pantry, you simply need to employ them for scrubbing rather than cooking. One great site that I found claims you only need 3, that’s right, 3 products to clean everything!

One recipe provided on the post that I thought would be useful was the bath tub cleaner. “My favorite bathroom cleaner is a spray bottle filled with 1/2 cup Dawn and as much vinegar as the bottle holds.  It works better than any commercial tub cleaner I’ve ever tried!” I wonder though how strong the smell of vinegar is and how long the scent lasts. Maybe using scented Dawn would help?

Another option I found while looking for homemade cleaners was green/ natural cleaners. Again, the ingredients are readily available in my house already, and the consistent theme I found was the use of vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. HGTV offers a list of household items and recipes to create your very own green cleaning products.

A floor wax recipe that I know of consists of mixing equal parts vinegar and mineral oil together and applying with a clean mop. Very simple, but also very green! Do you have any special recipes to share?


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    maryjblog said,

    I find that the vinegar smell dissipates quicker than most commericial cleaners, and does so even faster if you rinse w/ hot water (the vinegar’s very water soluble,) but try pink-grapefruit-scented dish detergent if you want. Dry with q microfiber sponge (I use the big ones from the auto parts store – you finish twice as fast b/c the surface area is so large,) to avoid streaks. If the tub needs scrubbing, mix that Dawn/vinegar solution with enough baking soda to make a paste – the tile sparkles ! Mix the baking soda with salt & vinegar, or dump the dry ingredients onto half a cut lemon, and it’ll clean your copper pots (or if you are in a hurry, just dump on some worcestershire sauce on the copper and scrub – no kidding!)

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    […] is starting her cleansing today. I think it is that time of year, when you not only think about spring cleaning for your home, but also for your body. […]

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