Fat Tuesday= Day 1

It has been over a month since I wrote about the WholeLiving detox plan and yet, I still haven’t found time to do it! Something always comes up that I deem more important than getting my body healthy and clean, so because today is designated Fat Tuesday, I decided once and for all that I would start to get skinny on this ‘fat’ day.

I am using the WholeLiving plan (see Detox) for a guideline, but not all the recipes they recommend are vegetarian, and so I need to alter what is provided. Today is Day 1.

I feel great and it is 3 PM. I started the day around 7:30 and made myself a delicious carrot juice drink. This is not the traditional juicer juice; it is much thicker, with a smoothie consistency, but never-the-less, it is quite tasty. It really couldn’t have been easier to make either!

Carrot-Orange juice

1 (14 oz) can sliced carrots

1 cup orange juice

Open the can and wash the carrots very well to remove as much sodium as possible before making the juice. Place the carrots into a large glass jar, and using a hand blender, make a puree out of the carrots (it becomes the consistency of baby food). Add the orange juice and blend it into the carrots. Viola!

I had the drink for breakfast and also took a multivitamin for nutrients. For lunch I had refried beans and salsa. I have had a pot of tea warming all day so when I want some coffee, I can easily grab the caffeine free tea instead. So far so good; however, this is a 4 day diet, so we’ll see how I feel when Friday rolls around! Do you need to detox with me? Take this short quiz to find out.



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    Geanna said,

    Your whole living plan sounds awesome. Thank you for your comment. I am basically making up my own detox plan but using the enzymes that I linked to on my blog. I am going to focus on fruits and veggies and omit all processed foods (i.e., baked goods, pasta, grains, etc.). I am looking forward to feeling and looking better at the end.

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