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Digestion aid


After starting the detox program that I wrote about earlier, I wanted to have something that I could continue to put in my diet to keep the digestion track clean (without having to detox all over again!) I did some research and found this article from 1978. Now before you roll your eyes at me, let me say quickly that it is posted on a well-known site–Mother Earth News.

The premise is to use natural methods to keep your body healthy and strong and as we have gotten into the 80s and 90s, we saw a movement towards drugs as our salvation, instead of the traditional herbs that had been used for centuries by native peoples. One of these ancient medicines was Lemon Grass, a tall grass that grows in a warm climate (think CA or Mexico) and is used to make a tea with many healing properties. One of the selling points (for me) is that it aids in digestion and it is something that can be grown easily indoors in a pot (for those of you living outside the ‘warm’ climate of CA) or outdoors. With spring just around the corner, I am starting to look for what I will be planting  so that I can begin starting my seeds and planning my layout of my garden. I will keep my eyes out for Lemon Grass and try my hand at cultivating this ancient herb…it should be an adventure!


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