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Time for a change

I have eaten meat my whole life — I never knew another way. In fact, when my friend became vegetarian during our high school years, I would actually roll my eyes when she would mention how she didn’t eat meat. I couldn’t understand what she ate for breakfast (no bacon?!), lunch, and dinner. Then, one day everything changed.

I was dwelling down south, living as healthy as I could (working out regularly, eating balanced meals, drinking tons of water, that kind of stuff), when I came across a Web site that stated how our culture of eating meat was destroying the land and water in America. After some further research, I found more facts to support the theory and so began my switch from carnivore to herbivore.

Since that day, I have had a great time experimenting with vegetarian recipes from cookbooks and the internet, as well as converting some of my favorite dishes into healthy vegetarian meals. I have come up with many unique recipes and would love to share them with you all through this blog. I also hope to share my restaurant experiences so everyone can enjoy vegetarian food even when they can’t be in their kitchen. So grab a cup of tea, an apron, and start cooking with me!


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