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Yoga for all problems

I can’t believe that it has been 2 weeks since my last post! (And I thought I was doing so well!) Anyway, at the start of January, I began a yoga class that runs for 15 weeks. Part of the class is to keep a yoga journal where you explore the ways that yoga can affect your life outside the class and the teacher encourages the students to do research on different yoga topics. With this motivation, I began to look for yoga to relieve sciatic pain.

My mom suffers horribly for her sciatica and while she has tried many medicines, therapies, and acupuncture, nothing seems to help. Maybe some yoga will do the trick! I found two sites that I believe anyone could benefitĀ from but especially those with sciatic pain. One site offers poses for relief, while the other gives a great scientific explanation of what is happening to cause sciatic pain and gives a book to look into that can offer natural remedies. If you suffer from this condition, try these moves and see if you notice any improvement.


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